Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just A Week Away....

Well, today we just completed our technical rehearsals, and everything looks AMAZING!!! I will have photos to post shortly.

Tech rehearsals often times become stigmatized, because they're long, sometimes stressful, full of "hurry-up-and-wait" moments and.... well, did I mention long?

As for me, I am a HUGE fan of technical rehearsals. After weeks of preparing actors for the show, it's like we are presented with an incredible array of gifts, and they're all designed to make the work that you've been doing look and become even better. How could you dislike something like that?

I must say that, for the sheer volume of technical concerns that needed to be addressed with this production, this was one of the most painless tech rehearsals I've had the opportunity to attend - people were working together, had their senses of humor working overtime, and were patient to a fault.

I should also mention that we were incredibly fortunate to receive a WONDERFUl article today in The Morning Call.... please check it out if you haven't seen it already.

And so, the countdown to Opening Night on Thursday begins.... if you haven't reserved your tickets yet, I would HIGHLY recommend that you do so ASAP - they're being taken at a brisk pace as we speak.

You can either reserve online, or call the box office at 610-606-4608.

All in all, a wonderful weekend!!!


Blogger carrie said...

awesome wings. v. cool sets and costumes.

11:32 PM  

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