Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First Readthrough

We completed casting for the show last week - a VERY large turnout for auditions, which thrilled me! The talent pool was truly remarkable, and we were able to put together a cast that has the makings of a true ensemble.

Last night, the cast gathered together for its first readthrough - as a director, it's thrilling for me to hear the words jump off the page for the "first" time. During pre-production, I read the script over and over again, both silently and aloud, to get a sense of a direction in which I might begin our collaborative journey.

But once casting is complete, and one is able to sit with the group that has been chosen to take the journey - well, that's when the sparks begin to fly, and the possibilities... the potential... all begin to materialize.

In addition to the cast, we have four beautiful movement artists who will be collaborating with us, as well. They will be joining us in our rehearsals, and then working in their own rehearsals, as well. Their goal is to assist us in interpreting the various myths onstage, to provide transitions for us on stage, and to allow us an opportunity to create an additional thread in the fabric we are creating.

And so the journey begins....

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Blogger Diana said...

Hi. I appreciate your blog. Our English theatre group in Munich, Germany is considering performing Metamorphoses, and I was wondering if it would be possible to contact you with questions about your experience? If so, could you send me an email at dianaratcliff at yahoo dot com. :) Thanks!

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